Asking for Help Via E-mail

Technology can frustrate even the most experienced of us. Whether it be website issues, partner inquiries, order concerns or follow-ups, when you are asking someone to be of help via e-mail or a Web form, it is best you do so in a humble way with added courtesy.

By not making the extra effort to communicate properly you risk a negative perception that includes what it will be like to do business with you and/or your company. When you need assistance, be aware that the person on the other side doesn’t have to help you as fast, as much or in the way you assume they should. They are probably busy with other responsibilities and your request is just one of many they need to get to.

When asking for help, be on your best behavior and use proper business e-mail etiquette, sentence structure and grammar.

Think about it… Who are you going to jump to help? Those who make demands in cryptic sentences without a thank you or tidbit of appreciation for what they are asking you to do for them? Or the person who sends their request starting with a nice greeting, all the details you need to help them clearly included and ending with a “Thanks for your help”?

I know I jump to help those who e-mail me with courtesy, kindness and clarity. For those that make cryptic demands or request on their initial inquiry, I do look through that window to make a determination of what kind of partner or customer they will be.

Food for thought…