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Business E-mail Response Time

What is the rule for how fast you should be responding to your business e-mails? The short answer: As soon as you can. The long answer: It is obvious that some e-mails will be more important to … [More...]

“Babysitter” Signature Files?

A site visitor was curious and pondered... I am in a national sales manager position. The owner of my company is requiring that all my outgoing email contain my signature line and contact info and … [More...]

Email Received in Error?

What if you receive an email that you believe was not intended for you? Should you reply asking the Sender if they meant to Cc: you in the email? Does it make a difference if you were erroneously … [More...]

Business E-mail Greetings Matter

Too busy to type a Hello or Hi? Do you think that it isn't necessary to include a brief greeting at the beginning of your business e-mails? Then, know that you may be coming off as terse or being … [More...]