Business Texting Etiquette: 10 Tips for Professionals

Smartphones have taken over as THE business communication tool that many rely on to run their businesses. With that amount of use -- and dependence -- comes situations and dilemmas that many aren't sure how to address. At the core of any … [Read More...]

Business E-mail Form Spam

Some think because you have your Web form on your site that invites any and all to e-mail about anything they want whether the site owner is interested or not. Particularly sales pitches on topics the sender can personally or commercially gain … [Read More...]

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Customer Service Issues

When is a Joke Not a Joke?

A site visitor writes: I hit "reply" to a coworkers email in which I should have "forwarded" to another person. The reply wasn't negative in connotation but it did refer to the sender in a joking way (to me, anyway) as a "damn Yankee". I realized … [Read More...]

Business Website Etiquette

Yes, there are Etiquette considerations when it comes to Websites. From what business site owners should consider from a courtesy and design point of view to what site visitors need to consider before they click the contact link and start typing … [Read More...]

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Business Email Etiquette Matters!

Emotional Formatting and Discretion in Business E-mails

My advice is sought quite regularly about what to do about a given business e-mail conflict, misunderstanding or situation. In every case I am provided one side of the story. We all know there are always two. In most cases the crux of concern … [Read More...]

No Sign-Off? Are You Terse or Just Rude?

Your sign-off gives you the opportunity to wrap-up the tone and intent of your e-mail. Not including a closing may seem abrupt, bossy, demanding or impersonal if you don't sign you name with an appropriate closing. When asking for assistance, … [Read More...]

Keep the Courtesy in Conversations

Part and parcel of effective e-mail communications is the ability to communicate with clarity -- which includes making sure that the desired tone is consistently relayed as the conversation is ongoing. What happens all too often after the first … [Read More...]

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