When To Send a “Thank you!” E-mail Revisited

There are those out there who feel e-mails that simply state "thank you" are a waste of time and bandwidth. Bandwidth? I don't think so... Maybe if we concentrate more on blocking spammers from our networks we can then begin to worry about the … [Read More...]

Assuming Gender in E-mail

Well, you know what happens when you assume? Never assume anything when it comes to an e-mail. Assuming never leads to anything positive. If you are unsure; ask. For example, in the global environment in which we all are now playing, to … [Read More...]

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Customer Service Issues

When is a Joke Not a Joke?

A site visitor writes: I hit "reply" to a coworkers email in which I should have "forwarded" to another person. The reply wasn't negative in connotation but it did refer to the sender in a joking way (to me, anyway) as a "damn Yankee". I realized … [Read More...]

Business Website Etiquette

Yes, there are Etiquette considerations when it comes to Websites. From what business site owners should consider from a courtesy and design point of view to what site visitors need to consider before they click the contact link and start typing … [Read More...]

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Style and Substance

Office Signature Files

Should you have a different signature file for internal communications versus more formal e-mails with customers, partners and associates?  Most definitely!  Your coworkers do not need your phone number, contact information or alphabet soup … [Read More...]

“No Need for Reply”?

A site visitor emailed that in his quest to become efficient and reduce the email volume in his inbox, he wanted to include "No Need for Reply" in his email or Subject: line.   This was his way of letting the other side know that they didn't … [Read More...]

Cultural Business Email Etiquette?

A site visitor was curios and pondered: I belong to a global organization. Is there a source that gives cultural guidelines for sending e-mails to team members (or customers) of different elasticities and nationalities? Or, in our global … [Read More...]

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