CAN-SPAM and Your Holiday Business Email Marketing

With Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the upcoming Holidays, businesses are tempted to send e-mails to anyone with an inbox. Many not considering that commercial emails should be sent only to those who have requested your information.   Sending to … [Read More...]

Business E-mail Horrors

This post rises from the dead every year for your screaming pleasure! Want to scare the daylights out of your contacts this Halloween? Take your time responding to inquiries at your convenience. Attach multiple files that are humongous in … [Read More...]

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Customer Service Issues

When is a Joke Not a Joke?

A site visitor writes: I hit "reply" to a coworkers email in which I should have "forwarded" to another person. The reply wasn't negative in connotation but it did refer to the sender in a joking way (to me, anyway) as a "damn Yankee". I realized … [Read More...]

Business Website Etiquette

Yes, there are Etiquette considerations when it comes to Websites. From what business site owners should consider from a courtesy and design point of view to what site visitors need to consider before they click the contact link and start typing … [Read More...]

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Business Email Etiquette Matters!

Emotional Formatting and Discretion in Business E-mails

My advice is sought quite regularly about what to do about a given business e-mail conflict, misunderstanding or situation. In every case I am provided one side of the story. We all know there are always two. In most cases the crux of concern … [Read More...]

No Sign-Off? Are You Terse or Just Rude?

Your sign-off gives you the opportunity to wrap-up the tone and intent of your e-mail. Not including a closing may seem abrupt, bossy, demanding or impersonal if you don't sign you name with an appropriate closing. When asking for assistance, … [Read More...]

Keep the Courtesy in Conversations

Part and parcel of effective e-mail communications is the ability to communicate with clarity -- which includes making sure that the desired tone is consistently relayed as the conversation is ongoing. What happens all too often after the first … [Read More...]

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