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Business Email Etiquette = $$$

Business Email Etiquette equal Money!

Yes, you can make more money by integrating business email etiquette skills into your day-to-day business communications. Proper email communications can directly contribute to your bottom line.

Are you aware that business email communications require skill acquisition? From the basics of good writing to making sure your intent and tone are clear. We don’t know this stuff by osmosis, and we have to make an effort. Underestimate these things to the detriment of your personal success.

No, you don’t just whip off your thought of the moment with out and though or consideration. Nor do you send cryptic texts outside of business hours. Instead, everything you do or don’t do in your email communications reflects on what it will be like to work with you.

There is information to embrace and habits you need to hone in your daily business communications, especially if you are new to the workforce, applying for jobs, or planning a start-up. Your Business Email Etiquette skills can make you more successful and more money.

Your Business Email Reflects on You

And your business or career potential. There is still a portion of business onliners who do not realize the importance of these issues. That fact puzzles me because it really takes no more effort or time to integrate business email best practices.

If you think about it, business is all about competition. Now that email has become a business staple — your email is then naturally a competitive tool. One that, when used properly, can and will give you a competitive edge. And edge over “competitors” who are anemic in these areas.

Pros Communicate Like Pros

All the time. Communicating as an educated professional who is tech-savvy enough to understand the power and proper use of the tools available to them increases your chance to gain more customers. Including solidify partnerships, growing networks, creating new opportunities, making new contacts — making $$$.

Communicate like a grade-schooler by not including basic simple non-time consuming courtesies, and you are viewed as unpolished. What if your perceived competitors outperform you?

Perception Really is the Only Reality

Your email gives those that may not know you very well a window into what it will be like to do business with you. In addition, potential partners or customers who may be considering doing business with you over someone else will use your emails as a guide.

Will your communications add clarity and efficiency to the relationship? Or will they cause more work and confusion? Do you know your stuff? Or are you just winging it?

Remember, people do business with people they like and trust. They prefer to do business with people that in some way, make their life easier and that they know are reliable, knowledgeable, and professional. To think you need not integrate the basics of proper email habits into your business strategy is risky at best.

Learning is Profitable

So why would anyone be so resistant to learning and applying the skills necessary to thrive online? I’m not sure. I think learning is fun. Every time I learn something new, it makes my life easier and my business more productive.

Here are a few are questions I’m asking myself after reviewing my inbox today.

  • Is it because we are too busy thinking of ourselves that we forget to integrate a simple greeting and cordial closing?
  • Are we too preoccupied with our end game that we don’t take the time to reread our email to make sure the tone and formality are appropriate?
  • Do we think we are so smart that it isn’t necessary to check for grammar and spelling errors before clicking send?
  • Is our time more important than those we are contacting by not reading provided resources or websites? Do we then expect our potential new business partner to reiterate what we don’t want to review?
  • Is it that we are so narcissistic that we just want to do what we want to do because that is convenient for us — and we won’t be told otherwise?

Success is Earned

Would you do business with those who communicate as above without taking the time to integrate business email courtesies? Yes, of course, you can run your business or career on your own “terms.” That’s one of the neat things about having your own business and living in a free world.

But know that your success will be hampered or enhanced based on the efforts you choose to make or not make. Success comes from knowing when to make the appropriate efforts, implement skills, and project professionalism.

Regardless of your reasons for ignoring, minimizing, or trivializing all the things I talk about, when it comes to Business Email Etiquette, if you take away anything from this post, know that your competitors are probably grateful for your lack of attention to these details.

Don’t let your lack of Business Email Etiquette contribute to their success.

Share the knowledge!

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