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Business Email Etiquette Builds Relationships

By taking the time to integrate basic Business Email Etiquette best practices, you stand a much better chance of building long term profitable and mutually respectful relationships.

Let’s face it, business leaders are leaders because they know how to communicate with clarity and professionalism — and they lead by example. Think about all the successful business people you know, follow, look up to. Would any of those individuals cut corners in their email communications simply because they are pressed for time or having a bad day? Probably not…

Would any of the business pros that you admire think to send emails with typos, no greeting or lack the personal touch that they know is so important to establishing and nurturing business relationships? Probably not…

Think about this. If everything were equal — who would you chose to do business with?

  1. Those who take their email communications skills seriously because they realize that making communicating with them easy is part and parcel of their business methodology?
  2. Those who in initial first contact emails communicate as though they didn’t make it out of grade school?
  3. Or those who once they have your business, do not feel it is important to say Hello, spell your name correctly, wish you a nice day or thank you every once and awhile for your time?

We both know the answer to this question, don’t we?

If you are serious about building your business, you have to be just as serious about being a person that others want to be confident in and trust. You need to convey to those doing business with you that they will be able rely on you for clear and professional email communications. Without this, what kind of business do you really have?

When you realize that business email is one of your most important relationship building tools, you will find it to be easier to build and maintain relationships that are prosperous for both sides!

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