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Experience More Business Success with Extra Email Courtesy

Email Etiquette Courtesies Add Up

This saying applies to email as well. By putting in the extra effort and thought into being a pleasure to communicate with, you will always experience better results. This is how you build business relationships and long-term mutually respectful partnerships.

For example, in the summertime starting your emails with “Hope you are enjoying your summer!” before you get down to business issues. This little extra step, only 30ish keystrokes, is how humans communicate with other humans. Not every word has to be right down to business.

Courtesy isn’t only about holding doors open, saying thank you, or helping a coworker; it also applies to your email. By adding a little extra courtesy, you are then perceived as someone the other side will want to assist, respond to, go the extra mile for — and more importantly in business — trust.

Take Time for Email Courtesies

We all get a ton of emails. We all feel rushed. To the point where we sometimes have to prioritize and be selective with whom we will respond to, in how much detail — or sometimes, if at all.

You should respond to any valid and reasonable email sent to you. That is the courteous thing to do. But that doesn’t mean you have to respond to every single email that lands in your inbox. The basics apply to every business email.

You just don’t know if there is an opportunity behind an inquiry that may not be apparent on the surface. So I respond to most of the email inquiries I receive.

By most, I mean 95%. The other 5% are from those that are obviously spammy, have ulterior motives, or commercial gain that are not in line with my business or my stated ethics. Outside of email blasts (part of that 5%), if they took the time to review my website, they would have known I was not the right person for their “offer.”

The Little Basics Make a Huge Impact

When you do not include an opening greeting, a kind question, or an introduction, your email can be perceived as demanding. Without that “thank you in advance for your help” and your name, your request could be viewed as terse.

Acknowledging in advance the effort you need the other person to make on your behalf? That’s just smart business. Especially considering the minuscule effort required.

For example:

Now, how much better is this with just a little extra effort and courtesy?

It is clear how a little extra courtesy and effort can make a huge difference in how your request is perceived. To think that you will have those on the other side scrambling to reply (instead of hitting delete) to a request like the first example is probably wishful thinking.

Courtesy, consideration, and taking the time to communicate as a kind, efficient and professional person will speak volumes about what it will be like to work with you, help you, hire you, acknowledge your request.

No matter how rushed or busy you are, take the time to put your best foot forward. It will always be time well spent, provide opportunities and impact your bottom line!

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