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Please Keep Business Social Media About Business

Keep your personal opinions off your business social media.

I’m having a soap box moment. So bear with me. Maybe after you read this post you can comment on what you think and have experienced as well.

Anyone who works with me knows, I’m not a fan of social media. I pretty much go through the motions for my websites because, well you have to have your presence there.

It is important to to utilize every venue you can to connect with your market. So I add my new posts and link to other’s articles and resources I think my followers can use.

In working with my many and varied clients, all use social media in different ways. With different results. No one client experiences the same results or success.

We all make choices.

Every Communication Brands You

Branding online is something that many folks disregard and is difficult to attain. Your “brand” whether that be just you or a larger business entity is something that needs to be built and reinforced consistently.

My brand is one of being open to helping others, sharing my knowledge and keeping all my business communications about business. I’m also a straight shooter. Those who work with me appreciate that. I am my “brand.”

I don’t post about what I ate for lunch or cute puppy videos on my business timelines. Although I do have the cutest puppy ever and could get away with that.

I also don’t post personal opinions, negative commentary or name call over the headlines or politics of the day. What does that have to do with my business?

But to an increasing number of onliners anything goes. And speaking for myself, I cringe when I see a great discussion or post take a turn to the headlines of the day.

Unlike so many, I don’t feel the need to get my point of view aggressively out there, correct other’s opinions or interject on threads via personal attacks on what I feel about any subject. Even business related.

A Personal Touch

Yes, there have been times, albeit rarely, where I will share, carefully and selectively, a personal opinion. I am human after all. But that is the exception, not the rule. And I stay away from controversial topics.

People don’t hire me to know my opinions. They hire me to help make them successful and to hold them accountable for their actions — or lack there of. That’s what consultants and coaches do.

Same goes for those services or products I choose to use. I don’t care about who they voted for or their politically correct stances on any subject. I just care that they support the product or service I am paying for.

For some folks sharing every life experience or thought is part of their brand — if that works for them, that’s fine. It’s a personal choice that each of us has to make. Depending on the business or product, that personal touch can be part of their success formula.

With that said, there is no place for the blatant nastiness, innuendo and name-calling I’ve increasingly been witness to online. In business venues.

All Business ALL the Time?

By saying keep business social media all business doesn’t mean you leave out your personality or even exclude little personal tid-bits here and there. Business is about people and relationships after all.

But what’s with all the arguing, sarcasm and accusatory commentary that is becoming more commonplace online? This certainly is not conducive to open discussion and sharing of ideas. Both of which are important to business success.

I’ll be reading thread on LinkedIn only to have someone comment about something that isn’t factually true and purely emotional in an accusatory tone. Okay, you can do that but does that attract potential business partners or collaboration — the reason you are on LinkedIn? Probably not.

Not because someone may disagree with your personal opinions, although for some that would be reason enough. (Maybe I’m wrong and that approach will have like minds gravitate to you?) But speaking for myself, I just don’t want that type of negative energy in my business communications and relationships.

Freedom of Speech

Yes, you can say anything you want. And you have the right to “stand” for what you believe. But there is a time and place for everything.

You can pipe in on threads and politized otherwise benign statements. You can also assume that others care what your point of views are. But know that approach then becomes part of your brand.

Why polarize your business in this way? Again you could, but you are limiting your success and exposure to other great business folks. Folks who just don’t want to get in the weeds on the issues that have nothing to do with doing business.

So do everyone a favor. Stop hijacking business related conversations. Keep your commentary and contributions about your business and the business issues and topics at hand. Thanks in advance.

Share the knowledge!

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