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Business Email Stationery Saves a Boat Load of Time

Email Templates provide better Customer Service

How often have you wondered how you can save time with your business email communications? For me, I am constantly thinking of ways to save time and make my business operations more efficient.

If you run a business you never seem to have enough time to accomplish everything you need to. With each passing day it seems more emails land in our inbox. Emails that require our time to review and then properly respond to.

This is where email stationery and template files can save you a boat load of time. By having email stationary in place, you can simply use or insert text that you use repeatedly. Without having to retype every time.

Stationery Files = Templates

Email stationery files are plain text templates for outgoing emails. By creating templates in advance they are there to use in the future. Time otherwise spent responding with the same verbiage to the standard and customary questions. Inquiries that you receive on a regular basis having to be retyped.

Instead of starting from scratch, you can choose the stationery/template file for that particular topic. In addition to stationery which are full email responses that I can customize, I also have “response” snippets.

These snippets can be selected and inserted in to any email. Similar to full stationery email templates, I simply customize the snippet to the address that specific emailer’s questions or concerns.

For commonly asked for information, you can have a stationery/template file that requires no customization. Just change the name of the person you are replying to. Change any other apropos details and add a customized closing to add a touch of personalization.

All in one iota of the time it would have taken for you to respond by starting with a blank email. Watch your response time increase exponentially which will also serve to impress your customers.

Email Stationery Improves Customer Service

Stationery/templates can be used for frequently asked for information on your products or services. You know what you get asked about most. In my collection I have over 50 files that I use depending on the request and site the inquiry came from.

In each stationery file, being I have several websites, I have my signature file for that particular site included in the file as well. This way all I have to do is reply with that stationery, tweak, customize and click send.

While templates are a great way to be more efficient, the key is to not be robotic or impersonal when using email templates. Business communications need to be concise and informative — and personalized.

Don’t forget that we are more effective when those we are communicating with know we are taking the time to reply to their specific concerns and questions. Stationery/template files are a tool to make you more efficient, not less personable.

The Best Email Program Ever

Most email programs offer stationery and template functionality. That said, those features are not as intuitive or user friendly depending on the software program you use.

I use PostBox and could not imagine what it would be like dealing with the hundreds of emails I receive daily without it. With PostBox I can have all the stationary or templates I need that I can select from a drop down in each new email box. I can also choose from my any of the many signature files I have created from a drop down box as well.

Other features I rely on:

  • The ability to color code messages within folders.
  • Mark each email’s status that I can then see at a glance (Read, Unread, Pending, Reminder, Junk).
  • Have multiple email addresses and corresponding folders for each.
  • Ability organize my folders as I see fit.

For the cost of only $39-59.00/lifetime. Priceless!

If you use another email program, I did a quick search and found a few sites with helpful how-tos.

Resources to Create Email Stationary Templates

Some Mac OSs do not offer this functionality. In that case, you can create a text or word processing file that includes your email templates and snippets. Have that pinned to your task bar and open as needed to copy-n-paste.

Moving forward, when you find you are typing the same response to commonly asked for info, simply create a stationery file right then and there. You’ll find that you’ll have an archive of responses to choose from in no time. And that will save you time!

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