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When It’s Time to Change the Subject in Your Business Emails

Changing Business Email Subject Fields

Here is a quick tip!

We all have email discussions that go back and forth — sometimes for many emails. We all have also experienced those who will hit Reply and begin to discuss new unrelated topics.

Or you’ve been part of these conversations where, and it does happen, you get to the point where you realize that you have veered off the original email’s subject matter.

The email has moved on to a new topic or focus. Time for a Subject: change.

Changing the Subject Field is Okay

When this happens, change the Subject: field to accurately reflect the new direction of the ongoing discussion. Again, this helps both sides to know what emails are related to which part of your discussion.

However, when you have questions or want to communicate something completely different, it’s best to start a new email. Refrain from hitting the Reply button and typing about something unrelated.

Open a new email. Then create a new Subject: that correctly reflects the topic you now want to discuss.

This helps both sides keep track of their email conversations accurately by virtue of the Subject: field. When everyone involved needs to refer to a particular discussion or email, they know just where to look.

Nothing is more of a time-waster than searching your email folders for the information contained within emails with totally irrelevant Subject: fields. Pretty frustrating, right?

Get into the habit of changing the Subject: field when called for or start a new email. This will reflect a level of tech-savvy those you communicate with will appreciate.

And, it will help you to keep your email boxes and conversations more organized too.

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