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Acronyms Suitable for Business Emails

Practice your email communication skills!

When I first went online over two decades ago, TANSTAAFL was the first acronym I ran into that I had no idea what it meant. (Don’t know either? Read on…)

Most know about the commonly used acronyms like LOL (Laugh Out Loud) and FYI (For Your Information). However, there are many acronyms in existence that are not used as much (or used only within groups of folks who know what they mean), so using them arbitrarily wouldn’t be a good idea.

Use Acronyms Sparingly

When using acronyms in your business email communications, do so sparingly. It is often advised that you type out the phrase rather than risk the other side not knowing what you mean. Or worse, you appear to be a lazy communicator.

Those who follow my blog know the rule I use. “If you wouldn’t do it on business letterhead…”. That rule applies here too.

Taking this approach helps to allow you to stand out from the rest who will take shortcuts, thereby minimizing the perception of professionalism and clarity in their business emails. Instead, be that person who is viewed as knowing how to use technology appropriately.

You also want to consider whether the other side will know what that specific acronym means. Otherwise, what’s the point, right?

Be very careful when using acronyms with those you do not know very well. You do not know their level of tech-savvy, and even then, you cannot assume they’ll understand your abbreviations.

In addition, acronyms are a very relaxed mode of communicating. When used without thought, it could be viewed as inappropriate or distract from the intent or meaning of your email message.

Consider the Recipient

Always keep in mind the intended party and situation. For example, you would never use acronyms when emailing a new potential customer or lead.

Nor would you use acronyms in an email that requires a sternly professional tone. Or how about when submitting a resume for employment? Nope, acronyms should not be used there either.

Acronyms Suitable for Business Emails

These are just a handful of acronyms I use and very rarely. Yes, there are probably others that can be used, but for me, these are the only acronyms I have used and only in less formal communications with those I’ve communicated with for some time and know very well:

BTW = By The Way

TIA = Thanks In Advance

HTH = Hope This Helps

FWIW = For What It’s Worth

LOL = Laugh Out Loud

If you are not sure of what an acronym stands for, use my favorite site AcronymFinder.com.

BTW, TANSTAAFL stands for “There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch.” And boy, does that apply to business success! HTH!

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