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When to Send a Business “Thank You!” Email

Business Thank You Emails

Every so often, I get an email about all the ‘silly Thank You emails” folks get. They want to know how to make them stop. Who would have thought that one would complain about being thanked. That statement says more about them than the “thanker.”

As I’ve written, I always welcome “silly Thank You emails.” However, the thank-yous rarely follow all the questions and thoughtful responses I give. How can you not appreciate someone showing gratitude?

So when do you send a “Thank You!” email?

  • When you send an email asking questions requiring the other side to stop what they are doing and provide the answers you seek. A nice “I appreciate your advice — thank you!” will ensure that the next time you ask questions, you’ll receive a prompt response.
  • When you send an email asking someone to do something for you that maybe you don’t want to spend the time figuring out yourself, send a Thank You email. If you don’t want to take the time and the person on the other side does so on your behalf, a quick “Thank you so much for taking the time to help me out!”. Appreciating others’ time spent on your behalf builds relationships.
  • Suppose you are frustrated or confused about a process or information you received. Initially, you sent a curt, blunt, or demanding request for assistance (be honest if you did). Now would be a good time to thank the person on the other side to ensure they won’t cringe the next time they see your name in their inbox.
  • When you are thrilled with an email, ezine, or newsletter you receive and want to let the other side know that their efforts are appreciated, send a quick Thank You to let them know. It takes a ton of work and time to write good stuff. A quick “Thank You!” is all it takes to let them know to keep plugging away.
  • Anytime that another onliner takes the time, makes the time to help, cajole, humor, or assist. That is the perfect time to send a “Thank You!” email.

Be Generous with Gratitude

It doesn’t cost you anything other than a couple of moments to type the message and click send. But it is a sad commentary on how few take the time to show gratitude for those who help them out.

Especially when it comes to business relationships, those are probably the very same folks who complain about the “incessant thank-youers” out there. I would think it to be a big red flag if someone is annoyed that I show gratitude.

Those who thank me regularly, those who enjoy my tips, blogs, or commentary, don’t worry about annoying me. Never worry about showing gratitude — it’s good for the soul.

As far as I’m concerned, you always make me smile and let me know my efforts on the thankless job of promoting proper Email Etiquette. In particular, Business Email Etiquette is worth every keystroke.

And for that, I Thank You!

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