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Why You Need Business Email Response Templates

How to be more efficient in your business email with email response templates.

Running a business or just being good at your job requires efficiency. And, very few are naturally efficient at everything. I know there are things that I struggle with but when I do, I look for ways to streamline and try and claw back some more time I can spend on other important tasks.

If you care about your business’s customer service reputation, streamlining activities and creating opportunities to impress are font and center. Customers love detailed and prompt responses to their inquiries!

Keeping your business emails organized and responding as promptly and professionally as possible is something we all work to improve upon. Besides being prompt and more organized what if you could shave time off your email response duties?

Business email response templates help you do just that! If you haven’t considered creating a library of sample email replies and templates, you may be surprised at the amount of time and effort you can save. On a daily basis.

What are business email response templates?

Email response templates can be about pretty much any topic, subject, set of questions or cover any activity that fits your business needs. In your day-to-day business activities, you probably get emails about the same topics, with questions about processes or procedures. You take the time to answer each promptly and move on to the next.

Now imagine as those emails comes in that you have a reply ready to go. All the basics that you’ve typed over and over again, are already in place and all you have to do is a bit of customization.

While the guts of the email is in place, all you have to do is type a personalized greeting, maybe tweak some details that are apropos to that particular inquiry, and click Send. Over the coarse of many emails (which we all have too many) you’ll save a boatload of time.

How to Email Response Templates

I use PostBox that allows me to easily create templates and quick responses. Templates are full emails that are very specific to a particular topic or process. Quick responses are just a paragraph or two that I can insert into any email at any point where I would type that information.

Both templates and responses save me a ton of time. I just have to either start a new email with the template, customize and send. Or as I am responding to an email and need to insert information I type over and over — boom — that paragraph or two can be easily inserted with a click or two.

Example Uses of Email Response Templates

Here are some of the ways I use email response templates in my day-to-day consulting business email activities.

  • My monthly invoice email that includes the PDF invoice attachment. All I have to do is attach the PDF, add the clients name, any intro comments and click send.
  • My monthly business intelligence email briefings. While each client’s is different, there is always a set of info or data that I include for every client before their customized details.
  • New Project on-boarding process and details.
  • Project phase completion notices, detailing the next steps.
  • Emails the provide project checklists and cheatsheets for clients to use on during the project’s development.
  • Alerts for my White Glove Support clientele.
  • Specific task instructions that pretty much every client needs assistance with.

Depending on your business type, I’m sure you can think of information that you provide on a regular basis by email. By simply creating an email response template that you can insert, instead of having to recreate your response every time, makes good business sense.

And makes you appear more customer service oriented and efficient in the process!

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