What To Do When You Are Cc:’d

Three e-mails so far this week asking what is expected of you when you are Cc:’d? Basically, when you find that you’ve been Cc:’d on a business e-mail a response is not required or expected. You are simply being FYI’d. Look at it as though you are being provided a courtesy copy of the correspondence.

The mistake most often made is to reply and not add anything valuable to the conversation or comments are made that are not appropriate or of interest to the others who were also Cc:’d or noted in the To: field.

When you are Cc:’d refrain from hitting the Reply To All button to send off your comments. If you do have something of value to add to the conversation, be sure to use your discretion and remove addresses from both the To: and Cc: fields of those whom your reply will not apply.

Discretion means “the ability or power to decide responsibly.” If you think about it, just about everything that has to do with business success has to do with discretion. Using your discretion in your e-mail activities can do nothing but lend to you being perceived more favorably, seriously and professionally.