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Before You Click Submit…

Every contact you have using your business email address will reflect on your business. Even contacts you may not know very well or who may see you on a forum or discussion thread may be a future customer. You just never know.

Web Forms Count Too!

When you complete a website form and do not type with proper capitalization or check for typos, your inquiry most likely will not be taken as seriously as you desire. Think about it. Would you rather follow up on a lead from a person who communicates with proper sentence structure and no typos or someone who communicates like a grade-schooler?

Grade school is where you learn how to write, sentence structure, grammar, adverbs, nouns, adjectives, right? I’ll be honest though, I still do not know what a dangling participle is! But I work on my writing with each keystroke here and in every single email I send. That’s what professionals do.

Don’t fall into the trap that electronic communications are informal. Pros make these efforts regardless of the mode of communication being used. Email, forums, discussion threads or texts — no matter.

Even if YOU are the Customer

I use my business email address for everything I do and I am cognizant of that. When you are on the customer side of the fence, your business email address still represents your business. Particularly if you are an irate customer as that will reflect how you communicate when things don’t go your way.

When upset, especially when upset, you will want to type in a professional manner, albeit with a stern tone, while stating facts and details. Professionals always do their best to leave emotion out of the message. You just never know who your customers (current, future, potential) may be.

When completing form inquiries in regard to services or products for your business needs, that’s where you really need to review your form inputs. Be sure your name is properly capitalized and that your email address is correct.

Every entry needs to be typed as though you were sending that request through the snail mail on your business’ letterhead. You not only want to show what a wonderful customer you are going to be but one who understands how to communicate efficiently as well.

Don’t Get Deleted!

Do not doubt for a minute that some website owners click the delete button when they receive business inquiries from those who provide the perception that they will not be a valuable customer. Or what do you think it says about a potential partner/customer who completes a webform asking for information that is easily available on the website with only a click or two of effort? Their time is more valuable than the site owner’s time?

Even when using webforms, when using your business email address take your time to make sure you are providing the best impression possible. No matter if you are making an inquiry as a customer or on behalf of your business.

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