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Your Business Email Work From Home Wardrobe

Do your business emails display reflect that you are a professional?

Just a quickie today based on my experiences recently. I have witnessed that far too many assume an informal tone in their business emails. We’re not talking about those you know very well. Of course, you can be less formal with them if you like.

But for all other business emails, you should be as formal as possible. That is until the situation dictates otherwise, especially with new contacts.

Dress to Impress

Now with more folks working from home, there is the temptation to be less formal and relaxed. Unless that was the style you used at the office, do your best not to fall into a casual tone now that you are working at home.

Informality in business email is like wearing a wrinkled suit, a tie with a stain, or an outfit that is too tight or revealing. People notice you but for all the wrong reasons.

We all know folks who do this in our office or workplace. What is the perception that those around them have?

When you email a new client, associate, or partner, your contacts may not take you seriously if you are informal (not addressing with respect, using proper grammar, sentence structure, spell check, etc.). Nor will the perception of what you will be like to work with or do business with be a positive one.

Emailing a group or new business contacts that don’t know you very well with an overly informal tone can negatively impact you. Those who don’t know you may make incorrect assumptions about your educational level or your expertise on the topic at hand.

Professionals act and communicate like professionals at all times.

Regardless of the mode of communication or venue. That is because they are professionals. That’s what professionals do.

It will never cause any harm to use the epitome of formality when forging new business and professional relationships. Let the other side guide you on setting the tone for ongoing communication formality. By implementing discretion, you will know when a more informal approach is acceptable.

Business is all about perceptions. That is why everyone spruces up their appearance offline. So consider your business emails part of your online business wardrobe.

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