We are only human. I’ve yet to run into anyone who is perfect or has never made a mistake. I make mistakes all the time…

Business Mailings Require Priority Attention

Like me, I bet you are on a bunch of mailing lists of companies you do business with. What happens when a link contained within is either “404 Not Found”, does not take you to where the email stated it would or contains oversights and errors? Do you search the site or just click away. I tend to click away. I’m busy; opportunity lost — I have better things to do.

Usually, within a few hours a corrective follow-up is received. Some handle their errors properly, while other companies don’t seem to notice or acknowledge the mistakes in their mailings.

Get a System in Place!

This is generally due to the sales folks not double-checking with the tech folks to make sure that they are ready for customers to be sent to the new page, survey or information that the email is promoting. While with smaller companies, it seems not proofing their mailings or how they will display to their recipients is commonplace. Resulting in missing graphics, poor design and broken links.

Time to get a process or system in place for review before that Send or Publish button is pushed!

Steps to Take Before Clicking Publish

  • Read, reread and read again.
  • Read your mailing out loud to ensure tone is correct (and catch typos).
  • Check with the tech team to make sure they are ready to go!
  • Double-check all links by clicking on them in the final copy.
  • Most mail services allow you to send a test email. Do that!
  • If possible, have another person do a check before sending.

It’s About Your Brand

What is one to do when they find that they have prematurely sent out an email that links to a not yet ready URL or that contains some other error? (Besides panic?)

Easy… Send a short and sweet follow-up and humbly apologize for the oversight and include either the correct URL or corrected information. Don’t make excuses or point fingers; just apologize and correct.

Attention to detail, every single little detail, is what is at the heart of a successful business.
Whenever you make mistakes, acknowledging their existence and correcting the situation promptly will make your error seem less consequential. In addition, by fessing up and being honest, that shows your customers and contacts that you have integrity and can be trusted.

Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes.
Oscar Wilde (1854 – 1900)

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