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Why You Should Use Business Domain Email

Why you should use domain email for your business.

I mention it all the time — perception is the only reality online. With that in mind, we have to use every opportunity to leave that impression that we are credible and trustworthy. Especially if it helps us stand out from our competitors.

Your email address is one of the first things folks see when you reply to website or email inquiries. What does your email address say about you?

Domain Email for Business says…

You are tech savvy.

By “getting” that using free, throw away or personal accounts just won’t do for business communications.

You take your image seriously.

By understanding that this gig is all about perception.

You are a true professional.

By having a domain email address that represents your company, products or services with clarity.

You don’t shy away from challenges.

By keeping an aol.com, hotmail.com or gmail.com address instead of using your dot com.

There is No Excuse to Not Use Domain Email

Folks will form an opinion about you based on how you use technology. They can tell what is important to you and what isn’t by the efforts you make. Or don’t make.

One tool that is critical to any online enterprise, especially for startups or one-man-shops, is your email address. Your email address is what the recipient first sees when your email address lands in their inbox. It is part of your branding efforts.

What do you think it says about your business when you reply to a website email from YourBusiness.com with an address like:


Here are a few others I have seen used recently in business communications that have nothing to do with the business or business at hand:


Yeah, I get it — some of those are cute and/or funny — but not for business.

Using email addresses like the above for business email communications reflects not only a lack of tech-savvy but a lack of understanding when it comes to the basics of online marketing.

Cost is Not an Excuse

To set up domain email is inexpensive (domains run $10-15.00/year or less). If email is not included in your website hosting, add another $2-9.00/month. When you think about the marketing and professional perception this effort will bring to your overall business image — this is a wise investment to make.

Additionally, due to all the spam filtering going on, you want to be able to have new contacts get your email so they add you to your address book or whitelist. When you use a freebie account your emails have a much higher chance to be blocked or land in the trash. By using your dot com email address, your email will be recognized as an expected contact instead of a spammer.

All the no-cost accounts (gmail.com, yahoo.com, hostmail.com and msn.com) are known as “throw-aways” and are used by spammers all the time. They sign-up, do their spamming, get their replies and then cancel (more likely shut down).

Think about this and answer honestly. What does using a free email account for your business communications say about you and your company? If you answered honestly, it would be you don’t understand the technology and/or are unwilling to make that small investment and embrace the learning curve. This can cause those considering whether to do business with you to wonder how that attitude translates to your business.

Time to be Serious About Your Business

“But I want to use my gmail.com account!” When asked for a good business reason why? Silence… they just want to. And they want to avoid learning something new. I get that. But intimidation or fear of learning is not a valid excuse.

The fact is that you can add your own domain to Gmail to use as your email address. Time to step up if you are serious about your business success.

Yes, there are reasons to have a free account. For example, for personal social media, hobby websites, and communications.

Another common excuse — “I know AOL and all my friends are there!” Then keep that address for your friends and get serious about your business. Emailing friends has nothing to do with building a serious business.

Get your domain email setup today. Doing so is inexpensive and only requires a few setting changes in the email program of your choice. Time to take off the training wheels, get an email program, and email like the big dogs if you are serious about online success.

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