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No Email Etiquette Could Mean No Response

Use Business Email Etiquette to get the responses you want.

Do you wonder why you do not receive responses to your business email inquiries? I know many do — they email me about it all the time.

It is common to get inquiries asking me what I think about not receiving responses to business emails. Aren’t people supposed to respond to your inquiry? If you have eliminated the possibility of your emails being spammy, what are you left to think?

Before responding to inquiries on this topic, I notice some commonalities in these requests. Many of these inquiries do not even include the very basics that can lend to their credibility and legitimacy.

When you are emailing a Business Email Etiquette website, wouldn’t we try to display the basics on that topic? While I am a proponent of responding to those who email you, here are some of the reasons I wrote about previously as to why I may not respond to inquiries through this site.

Just because an email lands in my inbox does not guarantee a response, nor should you make that assumption with others that you email. Especially if you are “cold calling.” And I know I am not alone in that approach.

The reality is not integrating proper email etiquette in your business emails could mean the difference as to whether you receive the response you desire. So why not do everything you can to encourage that outcome?

It’s almost 2024, and we’re still discussing Business Email Etiquette?

I get emails asking me that, too — but more in the way of making a statement. If you land on this site, that tells me you’re interested in the topic, right? So there is that.

Yes, email has been around for a while. But many still can hone their skills. I see it every day at every venue. I bet you do, too.

Those using technology for commercial gain need to deploy, at the very least, basic email skills and practices. That’s how you use email as a communication tool to garner success — and responses to your inquiries.

Some simply disregard the topic. In contrast, there are those that I think are just unaware of what they need to consider. What about those who are new to doing business in general?

Want the best chance for a response to your Business Emails?

Then, use technology properly so you are taken seriously and encourage those responses. Not making these essential efforts can cause the perception you lack education or, worse, ping your credibility.

What many don’t realize is that business email is not all about you and what you are willing to do or not when using it. That train of thought will impact your bottom line. Think about how your email activities and efforts (or lack thereof) will be perceived by those you want to do business with.

Email with clarity and courtesy so that you are a pleasure to communicate with. Someone who is efficient and can be counted on. That’s how you get a response!

The last thing you want is for contacts to cringe when they see your name in their inbox. And, believe me — there is some cringing going on.

Underestimating the Power of Communication Skills

A reader of this blog emailed me about not responding to coworker emails. She stated she would no longer respond to coworkers who emailed her without any basic business email courtesies in place. She felt she was being bossed around and that some of her coworkers were rude. (Her employer has not integrated email etiquette orientation or training to avoid this.)

While I understand her frustration, on the job, you cannot ignore coworkers. Instead, I suggested she lead by example, showing them how she emailed how to do so correctly. She will then be viewed as a team player and professional communicator. That’s called job security!

I see many who are online for business that, by their email activities, are not providing the best impression. In business, you need to be able to communicate with the written word. In a way that impresses. That means continually working on your writing skills, too.

Those who feel basic business email etiquette is not crucial in their emails or that it is an outdated topic are making a serious misjudgment. They do not realize that those they email determine what they will be like to do business with.

No response? You’ve got your answer.

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