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Professionalism in Non-Business Email Communications

It is essential when using your business email address that you take into consideration what is appropriate. From your choice of words to the level of formality and the overall intent and tone relayed.

Of course, when you are emailing for business, you take great care to provide the most professional impression possible, right? But what about emails that are not necessarily business-related that you use your business email address? Just because it is not “business,” does that mean all the basics go out the window? Certainly not!

Email Addresses are Branding Tools

An example would be using your business email address to communicate with your children’s teachers and school personnel. These may not be “business” emails; however, how you choose to correspond with educators will indicate what is important to you as a parent. And a business owner or the type of person your employer employs.

How about when contacting a service provider or company for home repair work or services? Just as with your child’s teachers, they too will form an impression based on how you communicate with them. Do you email or text in curt or incomplete sentences? Does your tone reflect you feel your time is more important than theirs? Do you come off as one-sided or demanding?

The way you approach these day-to-day email communications may very well impact the type and speed of your responses. By keeping the networking mindset into play, you never know who may be a new potential customer!

Wouldn’t it be a shame if a service provider you hire makes a note of your dot com email address and visits your site to see that you offer a product or service they could use, but your use of technology has already turned them off? Then there are those situations where using your employer’s email address can negatively impact if abusive language is used and reported back to headquarters.

Every Email Can Make an Impression

I understand we are all busy and that email and the texting environment are not conducive to much more than short blasts. However, I also understand that there is a big difference between business and personal communications.

However, when using your business email address for non-business-related communications, it is vital that you realize that how you communicate can and will reflect upon your business.

Always communicate in full, grammatically correct sentences when using your business email address. Be courteous and understanding if things go wrong. Stuff happens, and responding in anger is never wise. It is your personal brand we’re talking about!

Showing courtesy and respect in your emails and texts when communicating with other professionals on issues not directly related to your business will speak volumes about what it may be like to do business with you. And may even land (or lose) you more business in the process!

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