Showing respect for how you use company technology resources is part of Business Email Etiquette

It Should Go Without Saying…

But yep, I have to say it… When it comes to email activities while on the job, using company equipment and connectivity, you should not be spent dilly-dallying on socials or websites. Nor should you be sending or forwarding non-business related emails or texts to friends or co-workers.

When on Company Time

Employees should also understand, (hopefully because it has been advised to them in a written email policy) that when on company time there should be no assumption of privacy when it comes to online activities.

You are on company time, resources and equipment. That makes those communications the company’s property.

It is smart business for any business owner to keep tabs on what their employees are up to on and off-line while on company time. For productivity, liability and legal reasons alike.


  • 80% of major companies now monitor employees’ use of email, Internet or phone.
  • 63% now watch Internet usage.
  • 65% of employers are using software to block access to certain websites.
  • 55% retain and review email messages.
  • 50% store and review computer files.
  • 26% have fired workers for misuse of the Internet.

How do you use your employer’s online and technology resources?

Your activities and behavior in this regard can go a long way to impressing and reflecting you are a true professional. Of course, a few emails or forwards here or there is acceptable. But why take that chance when your future and career can be negatively impacted?

When at work; work. Use company resources with respect and discretion. For other activities use your personal smartphone while on break or lunch for non-work related activities.

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You’re welcome!

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