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How to Write Succinct, Efficient, and Effective Business Emails

Quick tips to write effective business emails.

Your business emails are not the venue for rambling random unorganized questions or your latest overly wordy sales pitch or manifesto. In business, time is money, and efficiency matters.

Study after study proves that long wordy emails tend not to be read entirely. Rather recipients scan. I’ve even caught myself scanning instead of reading when I am pressed for time. Haven’t you?

Tips for Succinct, Efficient, and Effective
Business Emails

Here are some quick and practical tips to add clarity to your communications. You’ll also increase the chance that recipients will read your emails in their entirety.

  • Before typing your email, know the purpose and goal of your communication to make sure your topic is covered succinctly.
  • Keep paragraphs and sentences short. Paragraphs to two sentences. Sentences to no more than 10-15 words.
  • Do your best to keep each email as topically focused as possible.
  • Use brief and concise bullet points when covering numerous thoughts or issues. This offers a better chance to be absorbed and applied/replied to. Visually, bullets do not look like too much to tackle. Subconsciously the recipient thinks they can acquire your points in little tidbits and are more likely to absorb your points in their totality. No need to code HTML bullet points. Simple use => or * to separate your issues.
  • If you find that the topic requires more coverage or priority, have that matter be in a stand-alone email. By doing so, you avoid it being diluted among numerous other issues.
  • If you find that your topic is very detailed, create a document in PDF and send that along as an attachment. This offers the ability to review that material when they have time and the option to file and print it for later review.

Simple, Easy, and Powerful

Get in the habit of integrating these simple tips to encourage those you email to read, review and absorb your information, especially if you need a reply.

One last thing…

Before you click that send button, reread your email — out loud. This will help confirm that your meaning, intent, and tone are what you desire. Reading your email aloud also serves to pinpoint those areas of your email that may need clarification or a bit of wordsmithing so that you are more concise.

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