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New Business Announcement Tips

Business start-ups are at an all-time high. Some take advantage of this “new economy,” and others start side hustles to make ends meet. But how can you have a “business” if no one knows?

As with anything, there is a right and wrong way to make potential customers aware of your new enterprise. So, what is the proper way to announce a new business to several dozen companies or your whole list of contacts?

Creating Your Announcement Plan

  • Would using BCc: be too impersonal?
  • Is there a proper way to send a mass mailing so each individual is noted in the “To” field?
  • How do you protect the privacy of your contacts?

These are the type of questions I get asked by new business owners. I understand their excitement about wanting to get the word out. But in doing so (the wrong way), many compromise their first opportunity for a positive impression.

Sometimes folks want technology to be one-size-fits-all. It should just work based on what they are willing to do, spend or learn. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t work that way.

No solution compensates for every possible owner’s skillset or lack thereof. So if you want personalized notices, you send individual emails. Or you use a service that provides that perception. Either way, there will be a learning curve to do so correctly.

Send a mass email, and it’s just that — impersonal. You won’t stand out or be memorable. Or worse — you look spammy.

New Business Announcement Considerations

Other considerations that can make a difference in your approach are:

  • For example, did those on your “list” specifically give you their email addresses so that you could send them such notices?
  • Are they really interested in your new business?
  • Or are they just generic contacts?

The answers to the above questions should make a difference in your approach. Why send it to folks who have no interest in what your new business has to offer? That, again, makes you no different than a spammer.

Next comes all those contacts you’ve collected over time. The same question applies to those who you at one point knew but haven’t been in touch with for a while. Not all contacts are qualified leads.

The one thing you don’t do is ever email anyone about your business that you don’t know and didn’t ask for your email. One must tread carefully when “cold-calling” online. Otherwise, you risk your website being blacklisted, not to mention dinging your reputation.

First Impressions Encourage New Business

You want to be more concerned about making that stellar first impression. One that is targeted to the recipient and will encourage them to want to do business with you.

Since this is a new business/commercial announcement, I recommend using any one of the professional email announcement services available. I recommend ConvertKit to my consulting clients.

  • Helps you to personalize your mailing by adding a little snippet of code in your notice to add the recipient’s First Name wherever you like.
  • Includes an unsubscribe feature at the bottom of every email so those you send to can easily get off your list if they don’t want to receive future emails from you.
  • Is free for up to 2,000 subscribers on one list. With easy templates and design options, you can give the perception of being the epitome of professionalism and tech savviness.

In your initial mailing, you want to include a statement stating that this is the first announcement about your new enterprise. Then note how easy it is to unsubscribe if they want to.

No point in sending it to those who are not interested, right? Plus, you then have a great building block for your mailing list already in place with interested parties.

The next step is to put subscribe field/button on your new business website to grow your list even further. Make sure it is in a place that site visitors can’t miss. Explain why they should subscribe and what they can expect.

What to Include in Your Announcement

  • Address each contact by name, if available.
  • Introduce your business and tell your story.
  • Impart your business’ personality.
  • Why did you start your business, and what do you plan to accomplish?
  • What’s in it for the recipient?
  • Why should they be interested in your new business?
  • Offer a discount, special or unique opportunity for recipients only.
  • Include a strong Call to Action.
  • Don’t forget your website’s URL.
  • Share your plans for your business and what they can expect moving forward.
  • Let them know how often they’ll hear from you.
  • Link to your email or contact form so recipients can easily reach out.
  • Include links to your business social media accounts.
  • Thank them for reading, and let them know how to unsubscribe.
  • Proofread, read out loud, and then proofread again before clicking send.

Don’t be Lazy

Starting a new business takes a lot of work and dedication. The decisions you make now, consequently, will contribute to you having a successful launch.

Don’t take the lazy way out and mass mail such an important announcement. You have a one-time opportunity with new business announcements, and you don’t want to blow it.

So rather than take a mass mail approach, use a service that covers all the bases for you while allowing you to just worry about that all-so-important “check out my new business” message. Taking advantage of the personalization technology offers is key when it comes to attaining and maintaining customers.

New Business Announcement Wrap-up

  • Qualify your list.
  • Create a personalized engaging notice.
  • Reply promptly to any responses.
  • Rinse and repeat.

Many marketers will tell you the money is on your mailing list. This is because your mailings are that one venue where you can communicate directly with your customers and let them know what is going on with your business — and what benefits them by doing business with you.

That’s how new business announcements lead to anticipated updates.

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