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5 Reasons Why Your First Contact Business Emails Receive No Replies

How to not get replies to your first contact business emails.

I probably get more emails than most. I have numerous websites, clients and more business social profiles, to be honest, than I can handle. So, I’m pretty busy.

As of late, I found that I don’t have the time or the inclination to take the time to respond to emails where the Sender feels their time is more valuable than mine. Just because I receive an email, am I then obligated to respond? Nope.

That’s a big shift for me being I talk about the importance of responding to emails. Generally, it is a courtesy thing.

However, I’ve noticed five little things that Senders do that make it clear they are more into getting their message through rather than actually making serious contact. The devil is in the details.

Effective email “cold calling” is a skill that many don’t have. As a matter of fact, most may consider unsolicited, unasked for, poorly written proposals or partnership requests spam when not done properly.

Why No Response to Your First Contact Business Emails?

  1. You used the wrong website form. I talked about this in more detail here. Depending on which of my sites you are on, I have different forms for different inquires. On my main contact form page, I’ll note that. Fill out that main contact form anyway, or do not follow the instructions, and I have a pretty good idea you are more into getting an email through than sincerely wanting to partner with me. No response.
  2. Your email does not address me personally. I’m not a corporation or a “Team,” nor am I a Sir or a Webmaster. Just a little effort will discover it just me, Judith. Not willing to make that effort? No response.
  3. Your email offer or inquiry has nothing to do with my site’s topic. I know it is tempting to want to get exposure to the business folks who frequent this site, but if you cannot convince me why exposure on my site would benefit my site visitors, specifically — no response. In addition, I note I don’t accept sponsored or guest posts. So stop asking.
  4. Your email has grammatical and spelling errors. We all make mistakes. I do too. But I still get emails in all small case with incomplete sentences. Some are so bad I think folks are testing me to see what type of response they would get. With any business email you need to be professional and coherent. No response.
  5. Claiming you’ve reviewed my site when you haven’t. Proceeding to offer generic compliments that don’t really apply to my site screams template. Offering actual specifics goes a long way to getting my attention; otherwise, do not expect a response.

Assume those you are emailing are busy. Assume they have to budget their time carefully by prioritizing their activities. Know they want to communicate with those that show respect for their time and can communicate professionally with clarity and specifics.

Just these five little things will determine what emails they will respond to — or not.

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