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Email Etiquette Based on Workplace?

Email Etiquette = Professional regardless of "workplace".

A site visitor asks…

Hey, Judith:
Thanks for the great site! Wanted to run something by you. Business Email etiquette is pretty broad. What do you think of email etiquette in the workplace being that nowadays the workplace can be anywhere?

Due to the pandemic, more folks work at home on their own equipment and connections — making that their “workplace”. Add cars, cafes, Drs. waiting rooms and where folks are working can be anywhere. Are there any differences when it comes to email etiquette? Thanks for your time!

The simple answer? No difference whatsoever.

Workplace Email Etiquette vs. Business Email Etiquette

To me, they are one in the same. When you are communicating on behalf of your business or that of your employer, proper courtesies, formalities and basics come into play.

The basics of email etiquette apply regardless of where your “workplace” is at the moment or what device you are on. It really isn’t a choice based on location or device. Things like:

…are not location or device dependent.

One Caveat to Keep in Mind

The only difference would be you are working on your own devices and connection. While company policies may not apply to your personal devices, your behavior and communications on behalf of your company may be.

Be sure to check with your employer as to what their expectations and requirements are as far as data collection and management when not on company-authorized equipment.

Other than that, professional business courtesies and clarity in your communications should be applied on any device and in any “workplace”.

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