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Top Business Email Etiquette Do’s and Don’ts

Business Email Basic Do's and Don'ts

I’ve got a bunch of content on this site. I’ve written, tweaked, added, deleted consistently for over two decades. And continue to do so.

Most site visitors come to this site looking for specific topics. So they run a search, and in most cases, they are served up at least several articles on any given subject. (If I’m missing something you want me to write about — go here and let me know.)

Recently several folks emailed stating that they just want the skinny. The basics. The “I don’t want to read, so give me what I want to know.” Short and sweet.

That approach isn’t recommended for anything you need to be good at if you want to experience success. And, business email etiquette is something you need to be good at. But I’ll play along.

Based on visitor requests, here are the…

Top 5 Do’s and Don’ts for Business Email Etiquette

Business Email Do’s:

  1. Do use your domain email [email protected] (No Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc.)
  2. Do create a Subject: field that is clear and properly typed.
  3. Do make sure your message has the proper tone.
  4. Do use proper punctuation, case and grammar.
  5. Do sign-off with an appropriate greeting and your name.

Business Email Don’ts:

  1. Don’t resend or forward emails without comment.
  2. Don’t send “cold call” emails without permission.
  3. Don’t start typing without including a greeting.
  4. Don’t use multiple punctuation (!!! or ???).
  5. Don’t send without reviewing for tone and formality.

See what I did there?

While short and sweet, I couldn’t help but link to more. Sorry — not sorry.

I’ll be honest; it was tough just having to list five each. I could probably have had 10 — but then I’d be outside the “short and sweet” range.

Every character you type, how you type it, the tone you intimate will reflect on you and your business. Business email is part of your branding efforts.

To those who only want a “small chunk” — now you’ve got it! Feel free to bookmark this site to know where to come when specific issues arise in the future.

Share the knowledge!

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